When the game first announced, lots of people on the subreddit discussion about their idea for a Hytale mods. Although, it is pointless since we don’t quite know what the capabilities of the game, what systems are going to have or which feature of the game lets you modify. Still, despite this, it won’t stop modders from creating awesome mods for Hytale, here are some of the idea that I gather around the subreddit.

Twilight Forest For Hytale Mods

hytale twilight forest mod

One of the most famous mods from Minecraft, don’t worry if you don’t remember what Twilight Forest is about, here is a quick rundown. It adds a new forested dimension along with dozen of new mobs, dungeons, trees type and new bosses. The dimension is always in the daytime, it does not restrict you from going to sleep, unlike the nether. Mobs usually spawn in the dungeons and caves but not on the surface.

Sounds interesting, but is it possible for Hytale thought? In my opinion, it is achievable. The game shows that mobs can have different variations, and you can modify their behaviour easily by customizing the provided JSON file. As for modelling, in the trailer Hypixel Studios hint that the game will come with animated tool, so making an animation for mobs will be very straightforward.

Weapons For Hytale Mods

hytale weapons

Weapon modding is a crucial part of the game. As I said previously, you can effortlessly create a model or resource pack, tons of players already make their own weapons such as the famous Excalibur sword.

In the official website, there are many different types of weapons such as the cleaver that you can obtain from Trork, magic staffs or daggers. Even if we cannot create a new shape for these tools, we can still somehow managed to change their texture and weapons behaviour.

Shader Pack For Hytale Mods

Hytale is beautiful and comes with its own unique medieval art style. But different players have a different perspective on beauty, we constantly adjusting the game graphics to fit our needs. Will it possible for us to create a shader pack like in Minecraft? I tried to research this topic. The result shows that it is “not possible” because client-side is closed and cannot be modded for security reasons.

However, that doesn’t mean the server cannot send texture pack or custom assets to the client, Minecraft Forge mod uses this technique to modify client assets.

Resource Pack For Hytale Mods

hytale texture pack

Great news! The creators said that they provide all of the equivalent tools that they’ve developed to create the game, so if you can see what on your screen, you can edit it.

That’s it for now. I hope this list of planned Hytale mods idea help you to get a grasp of what coming in the future. If you’re planning to write your own Hytale mod, you should check what programming language that Hytale use and join the discussion on the subreddit, we look forward to seeing all the news in the coming years.