From the official trailer, the studio always shows us numerous tools that help you to create your finest Hytale mods, and live scripting is one of them, today we will take a deep dive into how the tool work and what features are packed inside.

Programming Language For Hytale Mods

There are plenty of players discuss what programming language to use for Hytale scripting in the screenshot, the majority of peoples safely agrees that it is written in JavaScript because there is an anonymous object that use inside the curly brackets.

Peoples ofttimes misunderstood the difference between JavaScript and Java, they’re two different programming languages for different purposes, one is for client-side and the other one is used for server-side scripting, so be careful when you searching about this topic.

Syntax Highlight

It is extremely generous of them to include an “IDE” in the game that comes with syntax highlight, it enhances code context and readability, it could also help modders to figure out syntax error on their code. This feature will come very useful when we have a large chunk of code with an insanely nested if-statement.

NPC Scripting For Hytale Mods

As mention back in the previous article, mobs come in different variety and their behaviors are dynamic, Hytale uses a JSON file to modify NPC. If you don’t know what JSON, thankfully it not that hard to learn so probably Google is the best for this job, the file contains two sections: sensor (react to the player, the environment) and action.

In the sensor part, the NPC react to the environment and the second part is execute an action. The action can be play an animation, some code, play another sensor, one common built behavior or anything else just listed in between.
Currently we only know about this .JSON allow us to modify behaviors of NPC but not used in any other part of the game.

Hytale Model Maker

The Hytale Model Maker is said to be a powerful tool but user friendly for anyone to use, that can modify modeling, texturing, and animation of any 3D models where you can import/export it directly to Hytale without having to restart the game, there will be real-time document inside the tool for you to use if you want to look for any information on how to use the tool.

Hytale Studio also said that maybe the Hytale Model Maker will also have Script Editors for both animation and modeling. Which is very convenience for using so you don’t have to switch between the two. Which will be the Ultimate modding tool for Hytale?

Customization Game Assets

Game Assets customization is a powerful thing that allows to change every assets in-game, maybe from weapon textures to any 3D model textures colors and mob textures. This will allow creators to create anything they like to fit their theme they want. Which will create so much option for the users to play with. More interesting mod for the community.

That’s all we know for know.