Unlike other game company, Hypixel Studios always try the best for the community, a vital part of keeping the game alive. They provide all Hytale mod kit out of the box for modders, so we don’t have to go through all the tedious process to create our ambition mobs for the game, introducing Hytale Model Maker!

Hytale Model Maker provides content creators with a powerful tool to customize game assets like models, animations, textures, and in-game interface without having to learn advanced knowledge about Java programming or high-end Model Making Softwares. Anyone can quickly edit existing game assets or build yours from scratch. When that done it can be exported immediately and you can preview it right in the game without having to restart the game or game launcher. The modeling process is simple enough for everyone without advanced knowledge about modeling to create something fun for their own.

Create Texture For Hytale Mod

The Hytale Model Maker gives modders the function to create a texture, custom assets for the game without having to learn other 3D modeling software such as Blender or Cinema 4D. The creators state that the tool doesn’t require you to have the skill at art to create your own model but does require your imagination!

You can quickly export your creations and tested through Hypixel in-game scripting feature without relaunch your game. It also comes with an art tool so you can interactively draw texture for your model rather than paying for expensive art software. The model maker supports gradient mapping, a system that can apply various colors to a texture without having to set up multiple separate texture files.

Custom Animation

Hytale Model Maker allows the user to create custom animation for your custom model or any other model assets in the game. The tool will provide a set of a tool kit to create custom animations. The animation GUI will have a timeline window & keyframes to add Animations to your custom model or object. It will look like a lot of animation editing software on the market right now or even the one you’re using.  You can reuse the animation you just created on other models or objects by exporting it. Once a custom animation is created you can export it and import it to the game right away.

Custom Models

The step to create a custom model is super simple that anyone without modeling experience can create something for their own. To create a model you will need to add cuboids, planes, translate,

scale and then you can edit it to fit your needs. After that add textures to finish it.


Model and Object in Hytale are modular and Hytale Model Maker allows you to quickly preview it in the tool. Once a custom model & animation is exported it can be imported to Hytale Model Maker and preview with many options.

Friendly User Interface

Hytale Model Maker is aimed to be user friendly as possible, making your experience easy to understand of what the feature you currently using. So more people will start using Hytale Model Maker to make it a fun game to play with many different game modes, custom models, and animations.