hytale server mod

Today, we will go through what we know so far for Hytale Modding. What to expect and what to prepare if you want to start making Hytale Mods. Hypixel Studio has planned modding for Hytale. So mods like custom-model, custom sound, game-changing feature, and other tools to help modders might be available.

What you need to learn if you want to start making Hytale Mods

There are three kinds of mods that might be released for modders.

  • Server Mods
  • Custom Assets
  • In-game Assets Customization

Server Mods: These are the mods that will run on Hytale Server, like the Minecraft server plugin. This will change how the game played depend on the Mods. To make these Mods it requires knowledge of Java and a few other back-end technologies like databases. We know that Hytale Servers written on Java programming so if you want you can start learning Java if you want to make Server Mods. Learning to make server Mods will take a longer time.

Custom Assets: These mods are custom models, sounds, textures, and animations. Hytale will have a Model maker to make models, animations. To create the custom texture you can use Photoshop. These are pretty easy to use since it doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

In-game Assets Customization: These mods will allow you to change the Ingame UI(user interface). Like changing the weapon textures, model, and its behavior. We still don’t know if Hytale will allow such modification so we will still have to wait for an official announcement from Hypixel Studios.

Java Programming for making Hytale Mods

If you planned to make Server Mods you should start to learn Java. Hytale will come with an in-game assets customization tool it will allow you to change how weapons behave. But if you want to create mods like custom game modes, play style, or creating new game features you need to learn Java to do that.

There are a lot of Java Programming course to learn if you don’t have any experience.

You can learn Java from here

Hytale Mods Custom Asset Creation

When the game release Hytale will come with Model Maker tools. So currently you can’t learn to use this tool yet. Model Maker will allow modders to create custom models without any programming knowledge or have to learn any other advanced tools.

The model maker only uses boxes and planes which will simplify the process of making models. While you can’t learn to use the tools yet you can start to practice creating custom textures. It is definitely easier to make textures than models if you know what you’re doing.

There are some tools I recommend to make custom textures:

  • Paint.net: A very basic program, lightweight which might be a good thing if you are just getting started.

  • Krita: Completely free & open-source you can use on Windows, Mac-OS, and Linux.

  • Photoshop: Advanced tools and need to paid to use. But have more features to play with.

Most of the tutorials on how to make game textures are for Photoshop, but you can use alternative tools to do the same, it’s just a difference in the user interface.